4 Secret Spanish Beaches Where You Can Party Like The Locals

Isn’t planning a stag party a hell-of-a-task?

Being the best man is a plateful, ain’t it?

Spain stag parties are worth every dime because of the fantastic booze and locations. Choosing stag do destinations is not the only time-consuming part of the planning process, but finalising the activities is.

There are numerous activities; from water sports and adventure activities to erotic entertainment. A stag do is supposed to be the best party of the groom’s single life. This does not mean that you book all the mainstream destinations and activities that every other bloke is going to.

Try to make the weekend exclusive by going to beautiful Spanish beaches, which not many have heard of, and party with the locals. Only the locals know how to party crazy! Period.

Some unheard beach party destinations are mentioned below:

1. Fañabé, Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island of the seven Canary Islands. Apart from the fantastic beach parties, the place has world’s number water park and zoo for additional fun.

One of the popular areas is Playa de la Américas, which has earned the title, “The party capital of Tenerife” because the place is packed with nightclubs, cabaret bars, restaurants and live music venues. It is believed to come alive in the nights due to the pumping music and neon lights that encourage a party vibe. This provokes all visitors to forget their worries and dance to the tunes.

The beach water is simply beautiful. Clean, royal blue with bright-white sand is worth the trip. The visitors are expected to ensure that it stays as clear and pretty as it has always been.

There are several food options by the beach. So, don’t worry about your hangover moments. Restaurante La Ola and La Boca Rie are top two restaurants which will serve you mouth-watering choices.

If the groom wants his weekend to be all about beers, food and partying, then Tenerife is the place to visit on a stag weekend.

2. Playa de la Malagueta, Málaga

Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain. Apart from having an array of the most unheard beaches in the world, it also has quite a few areas which are popular for their nightlife scenes. Playa de la Malagueta is located between El Puerto de Málaga and Playa de La Caleta. It got its name from the neighbourhood district, La Malagueta. You can rent hammocks, pedolas and parasols at desirable rates as per your need.

The beach has a strip of bars and restaurants which keep up the buzz when the Sun goes down. You can even enjoy fireworks, garlands and city lights from a boat in the port area.

The beach is maintained carefully to make sure that visitors have a great time always. You will find golden sand on the beach, adding to the beauty of clear, transparent water. Apart from partying options, it also provides leisure choices like romantic walks or getting lost in the scenic attractions.

The city is packed with beach-front restaurants and beach bars like chiringuitos. Y’all can help yourselves with beers and local food in any part of the city, especially Playa de la Malagueta, as you will find most of the tourists and locals enjoying the food and pumping music here.

The place is as good for a stag weekend as it is for a trip with your lady love. So, plan the right options!

3. El Salon, Nerja

Nerja is a municipality on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. The place offers far more attractions than beach parties, like caves, Balcón of Europa, the Aqueduct, Baroque Hermitage of Las Angustias and Church of El Salvador.

The nightlife is quiet in comparison with beach parties in Malaga, but are nothing like the ordinary parties. The locals love to party with the tourists; creating a positive environment and party mood. The party-goers love to visit music cafes, bars and clubs, as well as discotheques. The area is famous for tapas bars, which are the best for nightlife scenes; delicious food and drinks, duh!

The beach is equipped with all the necessary facilities; from showers, restrooms and warning signals to sunbeds and refreshment kiosks. The beaches are maintained to attract local as well as international visitors, and encourage tourism. So, as expected, the water is clean and clear with a beautiful blend of white and golden sand.

Beach-front restaurants and cafes are a delight to visit, especially with your mates because only then you will be able to enjoy the real fun at the beaches. Seafood and chilled beer are all you can ask for!

If the groom loves to party hard, yet relax during the noon, then this is the place to visit!

4. Es Trenc Beach, Ses Covetes

It is located on the island of Mallorca; famous for the Caribbean blue waters and bright white sand. The name “Es Trenc” means “ravine”; perfect for nature lovers. It is more of a relaxing beach, which is why it is mentioned last in the list.

There are not many restaurants or nightclubs at this beach; avoiding unnecessary tourists and any disruption to its beauty. The few bars that are there play live music in the evening to instill a party vibe among the visitors. You can party with the locals by the beach, but compare it with any famous beach party of Ibiza because the idea is to relax and drink beer with soothing music accompanied by the calming sound of the waves.

The water is truly spectacular! It has a turquoise blue colour, and the ocean is shallow & calm. This is what the visitors love about this beach. The beach has sand dunes and some rocky outcropping & shrubs, but the white sand does look really pretty under the Sun.

The food options are quite limited here. Some familiar names are Es Trenc restaurant and Flor de Sal Es Trenc, which are popular for serving amazing seafood and sandwiches.

If the groom is a nature lover and wishes to enjoy the quietness of the sea right before the most stressful event of his life, then this is the perfect beach for him.

Plan a fantastic weekend! Don’t end the buzz! Have a blast!

Authors Bio:

John Tarr

John Tarr is the co-founder and CEO of Off-Limits Events Ltd. Starting from a small jet ski rental in Sheffield back in 1993, John has transformed his business into a dynamic multi-event and activity company. Apart from creating bespoke events for corporates, John also helps stag and hen groups organize parties through Stagweekends.co.uk and Henweekends.co.uk