Backpacking in India: The Land of Colours

India -Unravelling the Mystery.


India, unraveling the mystery…

India is more than just a land or a country. It’s a place where the mystery unfolds itself slowly and gradually in its own unique way!  It’s a land which tells you that it will take more than just a few visits to unravel the enigma and charm it’s wrapped in. A lifetime of travel is what it will take to really get to know this country called “the land of colours”.

India is a vibrant mix of people from different cultures, traditions, ethics and land. It beholds the beauty not in the eyes of the viewer, but in itself. All one has to do, is to look at it and enjoy the ever – changing colours, which are such an integral part of this land. With spirituality as the common thread, it is much more than words can describe.  From the first rays of sunlight which sparkle over the peaks of the Himalaya and Everest mountains, to the glistening water of the mighty Ganges and Alakhnanda rivers; the terrain of this land is simply awe inspiring. As one moves through the sands of Rajasthan, royal charm begins to engulf the surroundings.


Indian wedding bride getting henna applied.

Indian wedding bride getting henna applied.


With majestic forts like Jaisalmer, Mehrangardh and Bandhawgardh the splendour speaks for itself. From intricate carvings on the walls of the forts, to the heroic stories of kings and queens, it fills one’s heart with awe and reverence. Ovation comes as something natural when one gets to hear the real, life stories which fill the pages of Indian history.  Enjoying the wildlife safaris in the likes of the Jim Corbett, Ranthambore and Kaziranga national parks; one gets the chance to experience the rare and endangered species of India’s flora and fauna. From one horned rhino to the Indian tiger, it is more than one can imagine.


India - unravelling the mystery 1


Offering a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Taj Mahal mausoleum and the ruins of Hampi, it’s definitely the next most awesome place on earth. One can easily expect the unexpected, be thrilled and amused in this land of surprises. Forgetting oneself in its monasteries, backwaters of Kerala, tea plantations of Darjeeling, Golden temples of Amritsar and its Goan beaches, is as easy as the smile of a child! Erotic Khajuraho sculptures to second century BC caves of Ajanta and Ellora offer more than just ruins to its visitors…

Adding to the beauty of this land are its age old bazaars, filled with crowds buying a multitude of items.  With altars and temples filling in the gaps between the markets. Shining day and night, the Mughal era bazaars of Chandni Chowk of old Delhi, the flea markets of Goa, including the most popular Panjim and Margao bazaars equal those to Mumbai’s bustling markets of Mangalds, Zaveri, Crawford, Chor and Mysore’s Devaraja market. All of which offers the kind of uniqueness which no other markets in the world do.


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India which is very protective about its women, also offers the same warmth and comfort to its women travellers. For those women who prefer to take a walk on their own; there are tour operators which can be relied upon for their “only women” tours in India. In every way, it is a country which welcomes its visitors.

The warmth and uniqueness is unparalleled and distinguished. If you haven’t been here before, then you are definitely missing a lot as a traveller, and if you have visited, we are sure you will love to be here again….


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