Bhutan and Punakha Festival

It all started with a dream and a decision to let go and trust life. I stumbled upon an image of Taktsang Monastery or Tiger Nest last year but honestly never thought I’d make it to Bhutan. In a country where there’s no McDonalds, KFC, H&M, malls, not even 7 Eleven, and television comes to Bhutan only in 1999, I learned so much about life. Bhutan shows me the beauty of simplicity, the joy of having just enough, to live in the moment and essential rules for a happy life.

While the world outside there so hectic, noisy and complicated, people seem so busy chasing one thing to another and comparing their lives with others, life in Bhutan is so much simpler, lighter and happier. Being incredibly lucky to visit Bhutan for a week not only to attend the Punakha Festival but also to experience everyday life in Bhutan, I would love to share a little slice of happiness from the happiest country in the world with a hope these portrait series can inspire you the way Bhutanese truly inspire me.


Authors Bio:

Gyscha Rendy

Indonesian travel writer and music editor currently based in Singapore – fell in love with photography, people, culture and nature when she was traveling around Asia few years ago then decided to start her own travel page Travelagys in 2012 and contributing as well for travel magazines and websites like Epicure Indonesia, Worldette, Go Girl Magazine, Nylon Singapore, Her World, CosmoGirls and many more. Life is always full of surprises, Gyscha’s passion for entertainment, travel and the creative industries take her to different places around the world.

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