Victoria’s Creative Kitchen – Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Food

Victoria’s Creative Kitchen - Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Food

My husband and I couldn’t afford to buy a home in the UK, so we bought a minibus instead and spent a few months converting it into our dream home on wheels.

We are now travelling through Europe and Morocco cooking delicious vegetarian food from the road. I’ve always had a passion for travel but before long would miss my kitchen and home cooked meals.

When designing the camper van we put a lot of emphasis on the cooking space, with plenty of room for herbs and spices. Although we couldn’t quite squeeze an oven in I am enjoying finding creative ways to get around this.

Victoria’s Creative Kitchen - Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Food

My goal is to spread the joy of good food through beautiful photography and quirky videos, showing that despite limited space you can still cook great food whist on the road.

To throw into the mix I am always parking up in a new setting, town or country with different ingredients at my finger tips so you never know what you are going to see next!

We left the UK in early October and will continue pursuing this adventure as long as the wheels on the bus keep turning!

How to make Wilted Spinach and Green Lentil Daal

In this video I walk you through making a Spinach and Lentil Daal. We were parked up in a town on the West Atlantic coast of Portugal called Vila Nova de Milfontes.

The view outside the window was particularly vivid and green, with beautiful bushes and trees. This reminded me of an Indian Garden so I was inspired to make this dish.

Daal is an ideal dish for the traveling cook as the key ingredients such as lentils are easily stored, cheap and it will keep you going on your adventure!

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