Why you should travel light in the wilderness

For a person whose only passion is travelling and exploring new destinations, one of the most crucial decisions to make before going on a trip is to choose what to take along in that one backpack and what to leave behind! Those decisions are difficult and those decisions are tricky! If you ask my suggestion, a trip should not be burdened with the load of excess luggage or you will end up worrying about it all throughout the trip rather than enjoying the majestic beauty of your destination!

Irrespective of the destination you are choosing, you must always travel light but this should be a compulsion if you are choosing to explore a place dominated by wilderness and forestry. Leaving your luxury, cosmopolitan life In such situations there are a few things that you must definitely include in your backpack:

  • First aid with antiseptics, anti allergens, basic medicines for fever and nausea and antibiotics.
  • Outdoor camping lights.
  • Tents and sleeping bag.
  • Essential instruments like hunting knives, basic utensils, lighter and a safety kit.
  • Socks and clothes that cover your body completely.
  • Ropes and bags for garbage.
  • Stove and basic utensils, if you are going to be alone.

Now that we know some of the basic occupants of your mini travel bag, we must also pay attention to the fact as to why we insist on the bag to be small and stuffed with only the strict necessities. There is no point carrying a humongous bag stocked with various dresses and night suits and snacks because you will never get a chance to take them out in the wilderness!
Let us find out the exact reasons why it is imperative to travel light in wilderness.

Convenience- it is a no brainer to understand that when you are travelling with minimal luggage, it is easier to handle it and move around the place. This is not just true for a trip around the world, visiting your favourite destinations but also in a wild setting. Lesser the stuff you carry, easier it is for you to walk around in the wilderness and find for a place to set up your camp. The same goes if you choose to go for a trek in a forest like area. The lighter your bag is, the easier it is to walk carrying it on your shoulder, without causing any pain in the back and fatigue.

Space consumption- when you are on an endeavour to experience the beauty of living in the wilderness, then you must prepare yourself for a time of difficulties. You will only be carrying a bag with a tent that is sufficient enough to accommodate you for a sound sleep. When you make a sane decision of not carrying unnecessary paraphernalia along with yourself, you directly save a lot of space for your own comfort in the already congested tent that you will live in.

Ease of use – the lesser stuff you carry, the easier it is to use and misplace things. When you are preparing for a stay in a secluded, wild location, you are advised to pack things which are not just convenient to carry, but also versatile in their functionality. That is why a hunting knife is a compulsory inclusion in your safety kit as it can perform a number of tasks! Also, your tent is already going to be short of place, there is no point carrying a lot of things with you which can get misplaced, since you never know when you will have to dismantle your tent and move to a new place.

Adapting to the environment- most of the times we plan for a trip or a trek to bring about a change in out daily routine and to feed our adventurous soul. This reason will never be truly fulfilled if you carry loads of your comforting stuff. Living in wilderness is also about adjusting and adapting to using the natural resources. The lesser things you carry, the more it will be easier for you to learn how to establish a better connection with mother nature and adapt to the natural ways of living. This is what you are doing this trip for, isn’t it!


Authors Bio:

Jennie Trotter

Jennie Trotter is a camping enthusiast who has conquered mountains and spent tech-free days in the heart of the wilderness to experience the true gist of camping. He loves to share his experiences, most of which are life-changing moments.