7 Essential Tips for Women Solo Hikers

Doing thing solo, especially hiking solo, is one of the best ways to improve the independence and personal skills. Of course, hiking alone in the wilderness has its risks.

Yet, there is no reason that women should be put off when thinking about solo hiking. These 7 essential tips for women solo hikers will thus provide the information you need to achieve the joy in your trip.

1. Plan and research

Knowing the length of your hike is not enough. It is more of what you need to prepare yourself for a solo hike. When choosing a place to hike, remember to check the weather forecast, geographic traits, and the environment.

For example, if you are planning to hike in the area in which bears are living, you need to know if it is in the season for the bears to come out after the hibernation. Then, it is crucial to research on bear behaviors, what attracts them, what help you keep a safe distance from them, and how to deal with an encounter.

2. Scrutinize your gears before you go

It is important to get familiar with your gears and know how to use them properly before your trip. Set up your tent, test the stove, check your clothes, etc. to make sure everything is well functioning. All your gears should be as ready as you are.

That is why you will need a detailed packing list. Make it with checkboxes and scrutinize on the items. The list will prevent you from both overpacking and underpacking.

3. Let somebody watch your back

Tell a close person that you are traveling on your own. They should know the duration and location of your hike. Specifically, they should know about your route map, key spots in your hike, your location, and time when you return.

Let them know when you are back safe and sound. A phone call or a text will not take too much time on your trip, but it really helps to have somebody watching your back to ensure everything is on track.

4. Prepare your first-aid kit carefully

One of the most important essential tips for women solo hikers is building a proper first-aid kit. When you are traveling alone, you will not have anyone to rely on for help.

Also, according to your research of where you are going, prepare your kit that will meet the condition. Check the expiration date and make sure you know how to use the tool in your kit.

Sometimes you will find yourself not close to the ranger station. Thus, a full kit will help you survive when there is an absence of help.

5. Always have enough battery for your phone

When you are hiking alone, keeping your phone charged is necessary. And if you want to be more flexible in keeping your phone ready all the time, it is ideal to use a solar charger for backpacking.

Having your phone available while traveling is also a safety method. It can help you a lot in cases of getting lost, danger, and injury. There are also many apps facilitating your trip, which provides map, tips, and navigation.

Remember to save your battery and use the solar charger for backpacking so that your phone is already ready to use, especially in emergency situations.

6. Choose suitable clothing

Depending on the weather, temperature, and activities on your hiking trip, you will need to choose different types of clothes. So when you complete your plan and research of the destination, take your time to look at the clothes and prepare yourself with suitable ones.

Waterproof boots or hiking sandals, sweaters or t-shirt, summer hat or beanie, make your decision and pack up with proper items.

7. Know your limit

You may want to challenge yourself, but it is important to be conservative about the time you need to complete the hike. Select the trails that do not go too far beyond your ability. Notice your instinct and lay trust in your gut.

It is better to know your limit and plan a hike accordingly. Otherwise, your solo hike may no longer be an enjoyable experience. And to improve your limit after each trail, make sure you take in enough calories and water, take care of your body, and listen to the changes in your body.


I really hope this post will assist you in your prep works for the solo hike. With these essential tips for women solo hikers, being with yourself will no longer be a struggle.

Also, with careful preparation, confidence and positive attitude toward the hike, you will truly enjoy your trip. Thank you so much for reading and wish you all the best.

Authors Bio:

Luna Anderson

Luna Anderson is avid camper from Phoenix, Arizona. She loves outdoors and she wants to show people the endless possibilities of this world and open your mind to experience over possession. You can find practical tips about hiking, camping and survival skills in her blog http://hikertrack.com.