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Have you got a story to tell about your travels? Are you interested in travel writing? Have you discovered the love for exotic foods, secret wilderness spots, amazing festivals and travel experiences? Then you most likely have the spirit of a travel writer. We at ‘Backpackers Travel Magazine’ are always looking for new stories.

Our magazines cover stories from around the world with our main focus on Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and New Zealand. Our writers range from the seasoned travel writer to the first time backpacker.

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How to submit your backpacker experience or travel article:

  • If you would like to submit a review, article or travel story to the magazine, then please email us at: backpackerstravelmagazine(at)gmail.com or go to Contact Us
  • Please note that the Backpackers Travel Magazine’s readers trust the information they read in our publications, the accuracy of the articles is important to us and we ask you to do all the relevant fact checking before sending it to us. If you are unsure of anything please contact us and we will try and help you out.
  • Please send us your story in full in a word document with photos, these should high resolution photos and relevant to the article submitted.
  • And please remember to include one the most important parts of the article, the story of you, we and our readers like to know who our travel writers are. Send us your author bio and photo, tell us who you are and send any links our way that showcase your personal travel blog or photography collections!
  • Please also include 5-10 photos that best showcase the adventure, hostel, gear,hiking, food, experience or destination you have chosen to write about.
  • The editorial team will then have a good read, a chat and get back to you if we decide to publish your story on the website or in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Please Note: Backpackers travel Magazine is put together by a community of backpackers and travelers like you. It is a free printed and digital magazine, distributed online and on the backpacker trail around the world, we are not in the position to pay contributors at this time and all of the articles / photographs submitted are on a voluntary basis. We are a happy to include your biography alongside the article with a link to your website / blog, which can work as excellent promotion for you as a travel writer.