Nomadic Digital Entrepreneurs : How to Travel While You are Working

Traveling every once and a while is good for your soul and body. You get to relax for a bit, see new sights, and maybe even get your adrenaline pumping with all sorts of exciting adventures. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to travel whenever and as often as they want. Because of work, you’re chained to your desk in the office for most of your life, and therefore, you only get a few days to see the world. Such an idea is why many people are becoming nomadic digital entrepreneurs — a new kind of worker that’s not constrained by any office.

More and more people are seeing the positives of doing online work. You’re not forced to go and stay anywhere at one place at a time, you’re in charge of your own time provided you submit your requirements within their deadlines, and best of all, you get to earn money while traveling. This is a lifestyle many are trying to get accustomed to nowadays, and here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

List Down All Your Tasks

First of all, if your employer or clients has given you what you need to accomplish during the days of your trip, list them down carefully. Start with the ones that are of the highest priority and those that can be put off until even after your trip should be at the bottom of this list. And every time you finish a task you can simply check them off. This helps you create a routine amidst all the sightseeing and adventures while on your trip so you can still ensure your work is done.

Do as Much as You Can in the Airport

This is the only time waiting for hours in the airport can come in handy. It’s normal to put off work when you’re already in your destination as you want to see the sights, sounds, and everything else the place offers. But you still have to do some work in order to earn your money. A great way to start is to finish some while you’re in the airport waiting for your flight. The more you finish before you take off, the less work you’ll be doing while on your trip.

Organize Your Time Wisely

It’s more helpful to work during your travels when you’ve compartmentalized your time and organized it wisely. If you have certain meetings to attend or some tasks that need to be done by a specific time, organize what you’ll do for the coming days so you’ll have equal time for work and for travel pleasure. Remember that you’re supposed to be relaxing while on your trip, even if you’re still working, so it’s important that you get a good dose of both.

Save a Day or Two for Work

Sometimes (but not all the time), it’s simply difficult to divide your time to work in-between sightseeing and other adventures. At times, you might even feel too excited that you can’t even focus on finishing your tasks properly and on time. When you’re faced with such a situation, it may be best to clear off at least a day or two devoted to accomplishing all your work. This will lessen your work time considerably, and you’ll have more hours of exploring your destination. It should be noted, however, that this will only work if you don’t have set deadlines or meetings during your trip.

Bring Mobile Wifi

For doing online work, one of the most helpful items you can bring is your mobile wifi. With this nifty little gadget, you can work practically anywhere you want to, sometimes, even in the most remote locations. This also enables you to be readily available to your superiors and clients if they suddenly have concerns they want to discuss or fix with you, all the while you’re exploring a new country or city. All you have to do is to buy a local SIM card to get unlimited data and you’re good to go.

Always Have Your Phone with You

Wherever you go, it’s important that you have your phone with you. This can literally save your life, both in real life and for work. When your boss or client needs to reach you, but you left your laptop in your hotel room, your phone can act as the best medium of communication. Even when you’re in a remote location in your country, as long as you have great data and signal, you can still work through all the problems and concerns they might have.

Stay Within Urban Areas

If you’re visiting a new country, rich with a vibrant culture and history, but you also still have to work during your trip, it may be best to stay in urban areas. It’s here that you can find the best places to work, even despite the bustling metropolis. You’ll also have more chances of getting good wifi data that you need in order to stay in touch with your clients and bosses. Save the nature trails, mountain hikes, and other adventures for your vacation trips instead.

Visit Coffee Shops with Wifi

Just like when you were studying in college, a good coffee shop with strong wifi will work best for doing work during your trip. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time just in your hotel working. At least, in a coffee shop, you get to see loads more and still experience the local life of your destination. Make sure you go to a quiet one so that you’re less disturbed and you’ll be able to finish your tasks in no time.

Take Good Care of Your Electronics

Taking care of your electronics is an absolute must for working while traveling. Make sure you pack them with the best protective gear your money can buy so that they’ll stay safe and dry wherever you go. And even when you leave them at your hotel, hide them safely so that they won’t get lost or easily stolen. Your gadgets are basically your office, and if you lose or break them, you also lose your livelihood as well.

Don’t Stop When you’ve Started

Although it’s easy to get distracted while you’re traveling, don’t give in to temptation. When you’ve already started working on something, don’t stop until you’re 100% finished with the task. Such is the discipline people need if they want to be nomadic digital workers and entrepreneurs. Just remember that your reward will be more time to see and explore the wonderful world you’re traveling.

While it may seem easy, working while traveling is no easy feat. There are so many tips you can do to have a better time balancing both, but it’s still quite a challenge nonetheless. Still, why not try it out and see how you can still experience the world while making a living!


Authors Bio:

Anthony Ong

Anthony Ong is a freelance lifestyle and travel writer. He’s contributed articles for the likes of Mister Hint and the Finds.City app, among others. His pieces usually centers around traveling while working and the best fashions for overseas trips.