Wombats City Hostel Munich – A Backpackers Review

Heading to Munich, Germany soon and need a best and convenient place to stay? Yes? Then you have come to right spot. We know how time taking process it can be to find a good hostel or to crack a good deal of cheap accommodation so to save you the trouble of looking through thousands of reviews and websites and at the same time to save every penny when you are on budget travelling. Let us take all the trouble and introduce the Best one of our hostel experience in Munich. A few weeks ago, I spent a long‐extended weekend in Munich, Wombats City Hostel.

Wombats City Hostel in Munich

We looked at a couple of different options for hostels and the Wombat’s wasn’t the cheapest. I was pushing for a cheaper alternative as I knew we’d only be using it as somewhere to sleep with all the amenities and ambience. However, the Wombat’s hostel had great reviews and was renowned for its cleanliness and best ambience to offer– something very important to me! My budget for the night was €15 but it was coming in at €32.30 each per night for 6 beds mixed dormitory that time. Looking back, all the prices were much higher than usual as it was a busy summer in Munich with the loads if activities happening that weekend. We went back and forth for a while, but it was soon clear that I had my heart set on Wombats Hostel.


According to me Munich offers and features one of the best and easily available 1‐2‐day pass transportation services, this modern hostel next to Munich’s central train station is just a 10‐ minute walk from old quarter with its Marienplatz square.

  • Hauptbahnhof underground station ‐ 0.1 km
  • Central Station Munich ‐ 0.1 km
  • Deutsches Theater München ‐ 0.2 km
  • Kolpinghaus München‐Zentral ‐ 0.3 km
  • Münchner Hauptbahnhof underground station ‐ 0.4 km
  • Karlsplatz underground station ‐ 0.5 km
  • Karlsplatz (Stachus) 0.5 km


The hostel itself was great – as you walk through the door, you have the reception desk in front to the left which is big enough to serve 3‐4 people at a time, so I imagine queues move fairly quickly. The decor is quirky with giant letters spelling ‘Wombats’ decorating the reception and large wooden pallets adorned with funky patterned cushions acting as sofas around the edges. Plug sockets were available every couple of meters or so, and there’s even space on stools by the window to set up with your laptop etc.

Another striking feature of the reception area was their “INFOWALL” just close to the reception desk. The wall displayed everything a tourist/backpacker would need as they step into the city. A large city map was pinned and displayed on the wall with additional sections of public transportation routes and landmarks available near city center along with options for opting daily city tours which usually have the meeting point there itself every day.

On checking in, I was given a key card and a voucher for a free drink in the bar. To get to the rooms (or anywhere apart from reception) you need to swipe your card for access. In the evenings, the main door into the hostel also locks and requires you to swipe in. So, security is great! As you leave reception, you can either go up to the rooms (elevators and stairs available) or be on the ground floor.

The elevator lobby area also had a display board where they have shown some interesting facts about Munich Beer halls, Beer Gardens and outdoor activities.

Continuing the Ground Floor area is where you’ll find the bar and restaurant, wherein the breakfast buffet (€4.50 each person) is served. There are also bunch of tables and chairs and larger wooden pallets set up as giant loungers. All complete with more plug sockets.

The best part of the Bar was their happy hours which are always showing some great discounts of beers, cocktails and large drinks which were very tempting.

Outside in center to reception and Lounge area, a beautiful and unique glass‐roofed courtyard is the first wonder that greets you, complete with air‐conditioning and real trees.

The complete ambience of the courtyard area was really lively and friendly at the same time. I really love the way they use the lighting with natural trees to bring out light colorful atmosphere inside the courtyard area.

Apart from the comfy sitting area with both natural and artificial lighting, there were some gorgeous decorations all around which were quite impressive to experience.

Connecting the courtyard just one the corner is the cooking area, the entrance to which was nicely decorated using small utensils and suspended planters.

The kitchen area was pretty large and accommodative enough for different traveling to cook and eat at the same time and contained decent amenities one may require for cooking.

The Rooms

Inside, the hostel offers spacious with minimalistic furniture dormitories and private rooms for your comfort, offering you the sound sleep. We opted for a SIX bed mixed dorm room which had an en suite bathroom with toilet and shower cubicle. There were two bunks with all linen provided; we just needed to put the sheets on the bed. It’s very clean and contemporary with a minimalist feel. There are SIX big lockers to the left which are accessed by pressing your key card against a certain area which was pretty cool feature. The only downside though I felt was a bit hot inside which although certainly diminishes as soon as you open the windows to welcome the fresh air.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to see the city, Munich’s Old Town is only a few minutes’ walk away, which can be easily be reached by foot, exploring more. Visit cafes, shops and even the famous Oktoberfest grounds, all within a foot reach! Overall, I would definitely stay there again – I loved the decor and style of the place and the rooms were spotless. The breakfast buffet is a cost‐effective way of filling yourself up for the day when travelling on a budget, and the free alcoholic drink (which we yes definitely used) is an added bonus. Wombat’s aren’t just in Munich they are also in Berlin, Budapest, London and Vienna so I would definitely consider staying at one of their sister hostels.

With design and best location combining perfectly it facilitates you the best hostel experience, Wombats City Hostel Munich should definitely be on your list of hostels to try if you’re visiting Munich. Last but not the least, friendly staff seal the deal, showing you exactly why the Wombats City Hostel Munich is one of the best hostels in Munich, Germany.


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